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        welcome to Shandong Hongyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd site!

        Shandong Hongyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd

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        newest! Summary of electricity price adjustments across provinces!

        Shandong Hongyuan Metal Materials Co., Ltd Hits:2 Date:2021/11/12 16:41:10【Big Medium Small

        Recently, many places such as Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Shandong, and Guangxi have raised their grid electricity prices. In some areas, the electricity prices have fluctuated from top to bottom (with a range of no more than 20%), and in Inner Mongolia, the market transaction electricity prices have even increased by 80%. Zhejiang has imposed a punitive electricity fee of * * * * 0.35 yuan on high energy consuming users.


        Recently, the Guangdong Provincial Development and Reform Commission issued the document (Guangdong Development and Reform Price [2021] No. 402), which announced a fundamental change in Guangdong's electricity trading. All industrial and commercial electricity has entered the market, and without the industrial and commercial catalog, the electricity price may increase by nearly 20%!


        Inner Mongolia: Electricity price increased by 80%

        The Inner Mongolia Development and Reform Commission has proposed a notice on clarifying the minimum electricity price for trading users in the electricity market in the western region of Inner Mongolia, which states that the minimum electricity price has increased by 80% compared to the original electricity price.

        The new guaranteed minimum electricity price in Mengxi is shown in the table below

        Yunnan: Adjusting industrial and commercial electricity prices, with a 50% increase in * * * *

        The Yunnan Development and Reform Commission has issued a notice titled "Notice on Further Improving the Time of Use Electricity Price Mechanism (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)". The current price difference between peak and valley electricity prices remains at 1.5:1:0.5. Non market-oriented electricity prices are based on the catalog's high and low electricity prices, with peak hour electricity prices rising by 50% on a daily basis and valley hour electricity prices falling by 50% on a daily basis; The market trading electricity is based on the current month's electricity trading price, with a 50% increase in peak electricity prices and a 50% decrease in valley electricity prices.

        Guangxi: 50% increase in electricity price

        Guangxi has issued an emergency notice from the Department of Industry and Information Technology of the Autonomous Region on further adjusting the 2021 regional electricity market-oriented trading plan. In the emergency notice, the electricity prices of high energy consuming enterprises were directly raised by 50% for settlement.

        Xinjiang: 20% increase in electricity price

        The Development and Reform Commission of Xinjiang * * * Autonomous Region has issued a notice on publicly soliciting opinions on matters related to improving the differentiated electricity price mechanism. The electricity price during peak hours has increased by 20% per kilowatt hour based on the peak electricity price.

        Jiangsu: Electricity price increased by 19.94%

        Jiangsu organized a mid October listing transaction, with a total transaction volume of 1.998 billion kilowatt hours and an average transaction price of 468.97 yuan/megawatt hour, which was 19.94% higher than the benchmark price.

        Shandong: Electricity price increased by 19.8%

        The Shandong Power Trading Center organized the * * * * transaction after deepening the market-oriented reform of coal power grid electricity prices, with a total of 49 coal-fired power generation enterprises (97 units), 79 power selling companies, and 5 power users participating. The transaction volume was 11.07 billion kilowatt hours, and the average transaction price was 19.8% higher than the benchmark electricity price.

        Anhui: 0.072 yuan per kilowatt hour

        Anhui Provincial Development and Reform Commission reported that from December 1, the seasonal peak price and demand response compensation price policy will be piloted for industrial and commercial users across the province for two years. Among them, the peak hours are 8 hours long; The length of the flat section is 7 hours; The low period lasts for 9 hours. Industrial and commercial power users who implement peak and valley time of use electricity prices throughout the province will have their electricity prices increased by 0.072 yuan per kilowatt hour based on the purchase price during the peak hours of the day.

        Zhejiang: Extending the peak period of electricity consumption, widening the price difference between peak and valley time of use electricity prices, and imposing punitive electricity fees on high energy consumption

        On October 3rd, the Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission released the "Implementation Opinions of Zhejiang Province on Establishing and Improving Ladder Tariffs for High Energy Consumption Industries and Punitive Tariffs for Unit Product Exceeding Energy Consumption Limits (Draft for Soliciting Opinions)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Draft for Opinions"). The "Opinion Draft" points out that if the enterprise fails to rectify or fails to do so within two consecutive years, the electricity price will be increased by 0.35 yuan/kWh in the third year. Encourage high energy consuming enterprises to improve the utilization level of non aqueous renewable energy such as photovoltaics. The spontaneous use of non aqueous renewable energy electricity by energy consuming enterprises may not be included in the comprehensive energy consumption accounting.

        If the enterprise fails to rectify or fails to do so within two consecutive years, the price increase standards for the third year will be increased to 0.15 yuan/kWh, 0.25 yuan/kWh, and 0.35 yuan/kWh, respectively.



        The Zhejiang Provincial Development and Reform Commission has issued a notice on further improving the policy of time of use electricity prices in our province. This adjustment has extended the peak period of electricity consumption and widened the price difference between peak and valley time of use electricity prices. This time, the peak period of electricity prices for major industries throughout the year has been increased from 2 hours to 4 hours. In the summer months of July and August, as well as winter months of January and December, the peak period for the entire day has been increased from 2 hours to 6 hours. The peak electricity prices for major industries have been increased by 5.6 cents per kilowatt hour and 6 cents per kilowatt hour.

        In fact, some regions introduced electricity price reform plans in August and September, such as Guizhou, Guangdong and other provinces, which successively issued notices to implement the time of use electricity price policy. On the basis of flat section electricity prices, a certain proportion of upward and downward fluctuations were made, forming peak and valley electricity prices. At present, the region with the strictest power restrictions is Henan. Currently, all electric furnaces have been shut down, with a long-term production limit of 30%; There is still a power shortage in the Yangtze River Delta region, but electric furnace factories did not shut down on a large scale in October, mainly focusing on staggered production.

        Henan: 20% increase in electricity price

        1、 Starting from October 15, 2021, all coal-fired power generation in the province will enter the market in principle, and the grid electricity price will be formed within the range of "benchmark price+fluctuation" through market transactions. Among them, the benchmark price is 0.3779 yuan/kWh, and the fluctuation will not exceed 20% in principle. The market trading electricity prices of high energy consuming enterprises are not subject to a 20% fluctuation limit, and the spot price of electricity is not subject to a 20% fluctuation limit.

        2、 Starting from October 15, 2021, the sales electricity price of the industrial and commercial catalog will be completely cancelled, and only the sales electricity price of the residential and agricultural production catalog will be retained. The adjusted sales electricity price of the Henan Power Grid catalog is shown in Annex 1. For industrial and commercial users who implement the two-part electricity price system, the basic electricity price shall still be implemented in accordance with the current relevant national regulations.

        3、 Starting from October 15, 2021, all industrial and commercial users will enter the electricity market in principle; Industrial and commercial users who are currently unable to directly purchase electricity from power generation companies or power sales companies can be represented by power grid enterprises (including State Grid Henan Electric Power Company and various incremental distribution network enterprises, the same below) to purchase electricity. For industrial and commercial users who have not yet entered the electricity market before the issuance of this notice, the transition period is before November 30, 2021, and the necessary procedures for entering the electricity market must be completed as soon as possible. During the transition period, the electricity prices will still be executed according to the original catalog sales electricity prices. The methods and procedures for purchasing electricity as an agent shall be separately formulated according to relevant national arrangements.

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